OAUTHC successfully performs surgery on boy with rare heart failure

OAUTHC successfully performed surgery on boy with rare heart failure
By Ekene Agbor, Osogbo
The Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex (OAUTHC), Ile-Ife, has successfully performed surgery on a 14-year-old boy (name withheld) with rare heart failure.
The Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Prof Adebayo Adetiloye, disclosed this during a chat with newsmen on Wednesday, in Ile-Ife.
According to him, OAUTHC is the first hospital in West Africa Sub-region that successfully performed such rare heart surgery.
Adetiloye said the operation was spectacular because of the method the surgeons used which is quite different from the method obtainable abroad.
Explaining the method that was carried out, he CMD said: “generally, if an open heart surgery is done, the cardiologist stops the heart and diverts the blood into the machine before operation could be carried out on the heart, and that has been the way they do it abroad.
“But here, they (surgeons) did not stop the heart, neither did they divert the blood to machine, but the operation was done neat and direct.
“With all the shortcoming, limitations around, with the environment we live and equipment on ground, Nigeria can still perform this operation, the team achieved a commendable feat,” the CMD stated.
Also speaking, the heart surgeon with OAUTHC, Dr Uvie Onakpoya, who led the team of surgeons that operated on the young patient, said the boy was referred from Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa to the teaching hospital, Ile-Ife, for further diagnosis.
According to him, the boy’s heart wasn’t working effectively well before he was reported to paediatrics cardiologists to see why the heart didn’t work well.
“The paediatrics cardiologists did an echo cardiography for him and it was found out that there was problem for his heart.
“This problem with his heart was a very rare problem, cited about 100 people around the whole world who have had operation for this particular condition,  but nobody had this kind of operation in West African before.”
Onakpoya added that the aneurysm of the boy was now bigger than the side of normal left arterium in the child.
According to him, the bigger size of the aneurysm made it compressing on the left lower chambers of that heart and that causing him the heart failure.
The cardiologist stated that the heart was not able to pump out long again, because this balloon out section of the left atrium was now compressing on the pumping chamber of the heart, which led to his diagnosis.
He commended the hospital staff that rally round, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) as well as others that supported him financially within the hospital.
The Cardiologist expressed further that CT Scan which cost N70,000 further confirmed that his aneurysm has been very big in which something urgent must be done before bursting.
He said, “the worst of aneurysm is very thin compared to the normal left arterium, which can burst at anytime, for if it bursts and ruptures, the end is instant death.”
He attributed people’s collapsing, slumping and having untimely death to aneurysm bursting.
“Somebody might be working and fall down and die, while people would say that they saw him yesterday working very well.
“And may be coincidentally, the 14-year-old boy might be fighting with his classmate in the school, not knowing that anerysm has ruptured that time, but with little hit, the boy might fall down and die and the person will be prosecuted for murder.”
Additionally,  Dr Anthony Adenekan, the Former Head of the Anesthetic department of the hospital, confirmed the higher level of risk for the surgery of such ailment.
Adenekan said such rare heart problem’s operation was the first of its kind and very threatening for people suffering for it, for if care is not taken, it easily kills.
He added that the operation was successful because of the cooperation of the professionals that handled the case despite the financial constraints of the child’s parents.
“The drugs we use are the drugs that we can’t do without and the instruments used  was specially purchased for the sake of the operation,” he said.
In the same vein, another Paediatrics Cardiologists, Dr Bamgboye Taiwo, said that it was a great and first surgery of such ailment that they performed in the institution.
Taiwo said that she was initially a little bit sceptical about the surgery, thinking that the boy would need an open heart surgery for it to be successful.
She added that the cardiothoraxic surgeons were hopeful that they can take the child’s operation without open heart surgery in which they did successfully.
According to her, the cardiologists were happy for the outcome of the surgery for the boy is stable, and it is believed he would continue doing fine.
“We are happy that we come out successfully on this surgery, with the child’s stability and good condition, we so much believe he would continue to improve in this condition,” she narrated.
The doctor urged mothers to be very sensitive to whatever symptoms their children present, saying sometimes the child may have congenital heart diseases which may hinder his ability to function effectively.
According to her, getting tired easily is part of the symptoms, but parents might thought such child is lazy. She advised parents further not to take that for granted, but try to seek for medical attention.
The paediatrics cardiologist maintained that a number of congenital heart diseases can be corrected surgically within this country, although may be expensive by Nigerian standard.
In the same vein, the mother of the boy, Mrs Florence Oluwatayo, appreciated all the staff of OAUTHC especially the cardiologists for the success of the surgery and for the donation at large.
Oluwatayo said the boy was hale and hearty from birth, but just last year, the boy started complaining of stomach ache, but she thought is a minor case.
“Later, we can’t control the problem again, we then went to teaching hospital, Wesley Ilesa, but referred us to OAUTHC, Ile-Ife.


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