Basiru presents impressive scorecard to constituency after four years in Senate

Ajibola Basiru

Basiru presents impressive scorecard to constituency after four years in Senate

Immediate past spokesperson of the Nigerian Senate, Ajibola Basiru has presented an impressive scorecard to members of his constituency, stressing that he represented his constituents well in the red chamber.

Basiru, who represented Osun Central Senatorial District in the 9th Senate, addressed chieftains and members of the All Progressives Congress at his campaign office in Osogbo on Tuesday during the well attended valedictory event.

Delivering a text of his address entitled: “An Exit is a New Beginning”, Basiru said he delivered on the promises he made to his constituency in the four years he was in the Senate adding that he performed excellently in the areas of qualitative representation, human capital development, jobs and employment opportunities, facilitation of many road, school and other infrastructural projects among other achievements. While reeling out the scorecard, the constituents in attendance were impressed as they showered praises on the Senator.

His achievements included, “Qualitative Representation: The primary responsibility for which you elected me as a Senator was as a representative in the Nigerian Senate for the purpose of law-making for the good government of Nigeria and when seeking your mandate, I promised I will, on your behalf, deliver qualitative representation for our Senatorial District. I am happy to stand before you today to proudly inform you that I delivered on that promise as I was not only an active Senator of the Nigerian Senate, I also served in various capacities as the Senate Spokesperson, Chairman of Committee on Media and member of various Select Committees of the Senate.

“I served as the representative of Osun in the Constitution Review Committee of the 9th Assembly and it is on record that the Constitution Review Committee of the 9th Assembly made radical reforms in the area of constitution reforms which are catalysts for engendering good government and development of our people.

“I was also a member of the Senate Committee on Harmonisation of the Electoral Bill 2022 that finalised work on the reformist Electoral Act, 2022. I was actively involved in the legislative work leading to the passage of the Petroleum Industry Act and other impactful legislations by the 9th Assembly. It is pertinent to state that as the Spokesperson of the Senate and Chairman, Committee on Media and Public Affairs of the 9th Senate, I gave visibility to our Senatorial District in the national polity and effectively manage the public image of the Nigerian Senate.

“As an Active Member of the Senate, I was appointed as the Senate Spokesperson and also a member of different committees as follows;

“Chairman, Senate Committee On Media And Public Affairs Committee On Air Force, Committee On Judiciary Human Rights & Legal Matters; Committee On State And Local Governments; Committee On Downstream Petroleum Sector; Committee On Upstream Petroleum Resources; Constitution Review Committee Etc.; Representative Of The Nigerian Senate, Association Of Senates, Shoora And Equivalent Councils In Africa And The Arab World.

On Human Capital Development, he said, “Trainings and empowerment: Cooperative Training in 2020 for 100 Beneficiaries in Osun Central Senatorial District. Training and Empowerment of Young Farmers on Cassava Value Chain Processing and Off-Takers in Ifelodun, Boripe & Odo-Otin Federal Constituencies at Igbaye, Odo-Otin in 2021 for 75 Beneficiaries with #30,000 training allowance for each of the 75 beneficiaries at Igbaye, Odo-Otin in 2021 for 75 Beneficiaries.

Training and Empowerment of Young Farmers on Cassava Value Chain Processing and Off-Takers in Osogbo, Olorunda, Irepodun & Orolu Federal Constituencies at Orita Aje, Jaleoyemi Area, Ifon, Orolu in 2021 for 50 Beneficiaries with #30,000 training allowance for each of the 50 beneficiaries at Orita Aje, Jaleoyemi Area, Ifon, Orolu in 2021 for 50 Beneficiaries.

Capacity Building and Skill Acquisition on Farm Products and Marketing for Farmers in Osun Central Senatorial District (Project Specification-Cash Crops-Cocoa, Coffee Etc.; Fruits-Orange, Banana, Watermelon, Cucumber, Tomatoes Etc.) at the Constituency Office, Olorunda, Osogbo on 29th November-1st December, 2021 with #30,000 training allowance for each of the 50 Beneficiaries.

Skill Acquisition Training for Entrepreneurs in Osun Central Senatorial District on Production & Improved Management Practices of Maize, Cashew Seeds and Seedings on 22/11/2021 at Ila LG with #30,000 training allowance for each of the 50 Beneficiaries.

Skill Acquisition for Young Graduates on Kenaf Fibre Processing & Marketing in Osun Central Senatorial District on 22/11/2021 at Iree Town Hall, Boripe LG with #30,000 training allowance for each of the 50 Beneficiaries.

Training and Empowerment of Young Farmers on Cassava Value Chain Processing and Off-Takers in Boluwaduro, Ila & Ifedayo Federal

Constituencies of Osun Central Senatorial District with #30,000 Training allowance at Ora-Igbomina in 2021 for each of the 50 Beneficiaries.

Training and Empowerment on The Fish Production, Packaging & Marketing in Osun Central Senatorial District at the Senatorial District Constituency Office Hall, Osogbo in 2021 for 50 Beneficiaries with #30,000 training allowance for each of the beneficiaries.

Training and Empowerment on The Formulation of Poultry and Snail Feeds Processing, Packaging & Commercialisation in Osun Central Senatorial District at Ikirun Town Hall, Oja-Oba Area, Ikirun, Ifelodun Local Government in 2021 for 50 Beneficiaries with #30,000 training allowance for each of the beneficiaries.

Training on Good Agricultural Practices for Sustainable Farming in Osun Central Senatorial District (Project Specification-Yam, Cocoyam, Cassava, Potatoes Etc.) at Ilobu Town Hall, Ilobu, Irepodun Local Government on 29th November-1st December 2021 with #30,000 training allowance for 50 each of the Beneficiaries.

Training and Women Empowerment branded by Guiness Nigeria (Drinks, Cooler & Umbrella Stands) for 50 Beneficiaries. 1,000 Beneficiaries for the Farmers’ Empowerment (Farm Chemicals, Chemical Maize and Equipment).

Financial Advancement:

In the past four years, we have also supported our constituents financially with grants and various monetary advancements thus: 519 Beneficiaries for the Covid-19 Emergency Cash Support during lockdown in 2020

Supported 75 Beneficiaries each with #50,000 in the Conditional Grant Scheme (CGS) for Micro-Enterprises in Nigeria, 2021

200 Beneficiaries for the Covid-19 Grants of #5,000 Monthly for 6 Months, in 2021 Supported 336 beneficiaries each with #30,000 in the Survival Fund

(Federal Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment) NASS Collation Paper – Artisan Transportation.

Supported 100 Beneficiaries each with #20,000 in the Cash Grant for Rural Vulnerable Groups.

Supported 1,133 Beneficiaries in the Special Public Work (SPW) Programme with #20,000 each Monthly for 3-Months.

Covid-19 Loan of #750,000 to 50 Beneficiaries.

288 Beneficiaries of the Survival Fund (Federal Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment) Nass Collation Paper – CAC Business Formalization

400 Beneficiaries of cash gift of #20,000 in 2020

10 Beneficiaries of #30,000 -#40,000 Cash in 2020

100 female Beneficiaries with #20,000 in 2020

Jobs and Employment opportunities:

We also facilitated the engagement of our youths into N-Power and N-Power Tech for 110 Beneficiaries who earned #30,000 Monthly.

We facilitated Permanent Employment of our constituents into:

Fire Service (6 Beneficiaries)

Nigeria Navy (2 Beneficiaries)

Nigeria Custom Service (1 Beneficiary)

National Population Commission (1 Beneficiary)

National Taskforce on Illegal Arms and Ammunition (11 Beneficiaries)

Osun State University (11 Beneficiaries)

Federal Polytechnic, Ayede (2 Beneficiaries)

Nigerian Financial Intelligent Unit (1 Beneficiary)

Nigeria Diaspora Commission (2 Beneficiaries)

Osun State Teachers’ Recruitment (28 Beneficiaries).

Obafemi Awolowo Teaching Hospital (1 Beneficiary)

Career Fair

We organised a Job and Career fair for eligible constituents in August, 2022 to enable them learn the rudiments of job application and

recruitment process in general while also providing them Internship and Career mentorship Opportunities.


Via our Empowerment Programmes, I facilitated and supported our constituents as follows:

Distribution of 98 Motorcycles (Hero, Top-Way, Cruiser Car-Go) to constituents in 2020, 2021 & 2022

Distribution of 176 Sewing Machines to Constituents in 2020, 2021 & 2022

Distribution of 156 Grinding Machines to Constituents in 2020, 2021 & 2022

Distribution of 8 Tricycles (Keke Napep) to Constituents in 2021 Distribution of 12 Vulcanizing Machines to Constituents in 2021

Distribution of 26 Generators to Constituents in 2020 Freezers to Constituents in 2020

Distribution of 48 Deep Distribution of 20 Dryers to constituents in 2020

Distribution of 23 Pumping Machines to 23 constituents in 2021

Distribution of 66 Tablet Phones to Constituents in 2020

Infrastructural Development:

My office also facilitated Solar Street Lights, Solar/Electric/Handpump Boreholes, School Buildings, Maternity Centre, Grading of Roads and construction of Agricultural Entrepreneurial Center in Osogbo Local Government.

Facilitation and Installation of 1,054 Solar Street Lights to the 10 local government areas across the district.

Rehabilitation of Orita Ayetoro-Abaku-Alaperin-Sabo Roads with Construction of Drainage and Asphalt Completed and Delivered for use since 7th December, 2021

Facilitation of Transformers for the Electrification at: Osunlepo Community, Kuleya Community, Surulere Oke-Onitea and Omigade Community.

Construction of Entrepreneurship Development Center at Awosuru

Area, Osogbo • Facilitated water Projects: 3 Boreholes to Oke-lla, Olutimeyin, Oke-Ayepe in Osogbo, and Anaiye Market Olorunda

 Water Sector Emergency Response to COVID-19 in Osun Central District.

Rehabilitation of Water Points & Installation of new Solar Borehole at Oke-Onitea, Olorunda osogbo

Facilitated the provision of Hand pump Boreholes at; Boripe, Boluwaduro, Olorunsogo, Orolu, and Osogbo

I facilitated several Water Projects which were self-financed viz. 9- Boreholes At: Iragbiji – Ororuwo Oja-Ikirun – Oja Ila – Ilobu – Oyan – Owode Olorunda – Sabo Olorunda – Omigade in Osogbo

Provision of 16 Solar Powered Boreholes: Eripa, Iree, Powerline in Olorunda, Ataoja Area in Osogbo, Ikirun, Pepsi-Cola Area, Oba-Oke, Oba-lle in Oke-Ayo, Olorunda, Erin Osun in Irepodun, Sabo, Ward 7, Olufion Area, Isale-Osun, Abake Hospital Area, Imolefalafia, OkeBaale, Lludun Area in Osogbo.

Facilitated the Provision of 17 Boreholes and 133 Solar Lights for the Palaces in the Osun Central Senatorial District

Facilitated the Constructions of Classroom Blocks in: Apoun Baptist Primary School, Asubiaro; Osogbo, AUD Primary school Yidi, Oke- Baale, Osogbo; AUD Primary School ‘C’, Oketa, Erin Osun; Methodist Primary School Otapete, Iragbiji; NUD Primary School, Ke Oja Area, Igbajo; St. Gabriel Primary School, Ore; Sirajudeen Primary School, Ora Igbomina; Laro Grammar School, Oke-Fia (1 blocks of furnished 3 classrooms) and Muslims Grammar School, Isale Osun (2 Blocks of Furnished 3 Classrooms) and Eweta Primary School in Ikirun (ongoing).

We built a Maternity Center at Labeteku Community, Kajola, Osogbo

Graded Roads within the Senatorial Districts at: Obaagun, lla, Orija Street, Oke-Ime, Ilobu, Oke-Kere, Oke-Aseyo, Fiwasaye Road, Orolu, Owode llesha to Akede lyaloja Road, Osogbo, Agric to Lasinmi Road, Oke-Osun, Osogbo, jagun Oninlo to Uniosun to Iya Dudu, Osogbo, Akede/Oke-Odo Ibuaje Community to Osunlepo Akede, Osara, Oke osun Osogbo.


Ajibola Basiru
Ajibola Basiru

Facilitated the rehabilitation of Iso ata-Iso eran-Iso Ewe road behind Ataoja Palace.

Facilitated the rehabilitation of Akepe/Onireke Road

Giving appreciation, the former lawmaker said, “We have been able to modestly achieve these and lots more in the 4 years we spent at the Senate and this was made possible only because of your support, I do not take this support for granted.

“On this note, I wish to appreciate the leadership of APC in the State for their unflinching support despite the determination of a few disgruntled elements to destroy the party for reasons of inordinate ambition and personal aggrandizement. I am grateful to Baba Bisi Akande, His Excellency, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, HRH Gboyega Famodun (former State Chairman of APC), Chief Akinwunmi (Chairman Elders’ Council, Osun APC) and all our leaders across the State and particularly in Osun Central Senatorial District for providing purposeful leadership and support. My sincere appreciation to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his support and encouragement always.

“I am also grateful to the members of the executive councils of my party, the APC, from wards to local governments and the State level. My appreciation also goes to all genuine members of the party. May Allah reward you all handsomely.

“To the people of Osogbo and indeed all towns and communities in Osun Central, I am grateful to you all for standing with me in spite of the spirited campaign of calumny by some persons which was actuated by selfish and personal aggrandizement.

“I cannot round up without expressing my gratitude to my technical team – Staff (Abuja and Osogbo) and Campaign Team and many others too numerous to mention who worked tirelessly behind the scenes Your excellent job is well appreciated.”

I must express my gratitude to members of my family who have sacrificed a lot and stood by me in all these years of my public service.

I thank almighty Allah for His divine grace and blessing always!

Basiru expressed confidence in the leadership of Chief Bisi Akande and Gboyega Oyetola in leading the party to victory in the forthcoming governorship and other elections, saying, “I believe that all exits invariably translates to new beginnings. My exit from the Senate has surely provided other opportunities for me to explore other frontiers for personal and professional development; political advancement and dedication to public service in other capacities, as Allah may will.

“To my compatriots in the APC, I say that we all have huge responsibilities to work to strengthen and reposition our party in the State to put us to our winning ways in the next round of elections commencing from the Governorship election in Osun State in 2026.

“I have since sent my thoughts, by way of memorandum, to Professor Isaac Adewole’s Committee on repositioning of our party. I believe our leaders, Baba Bisi Akande and His Excellency, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola are committed to leading our party to winning ways in the next round of elections. We also have responsibilities to support the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, which success will greatly contribute to the success of our party in subsequent elections. I will not cease to maintain my principled position on matters of public service and political morality as we continue to work for a better Osun State and Nigeria.”


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