Achievements In Osun: APC, PDP clash

Ekene Agbor, Osogbo
The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and major opposition, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun state have embarked on war of words over the level of achievements and otherwise that the state government has brought about.
While the PDP alleged that there is no infrastructural development in the state since the inception of the APC government and that the ruling party had impoverished the people of the state more, the APC claimed that the state has witnessed tremendous growth since it took over the reign of governance.
The PDP, in a statement issued by its chairman, Sunday Atidade, said Osun has been in a ‘sorry state’s since APC took over. He therefore called on the PDP members to brace up in order to take over the governance of the state in 2020.
Addressing party members, Atidade said, “Let us take into accounts as natives of this land, the very sorry state of our dear state. A State where our fathers and mothers in the class of pensioners are being buried like plagued fowls on daily basis owing to the inhuman activities of APC and its political agents in the state.
“The pensioners for instance, amongst several other suffering classes of people in the state, are those that have served Osun State with the most productive stages of their lives but are now being treated by APC administration as beggars in their own land. Nothing could be more unfortunate!
“I urge us to examine the hell red financial books of the state with bundles of indebtedness and corresponding bundles of abandoned projects the debts were made to achieve for our dear state. Let us look at our towns and villages in the state, in roads and other infrastructures and ask ourselves, how much pride can we exude on them as sons and daughters of the land, taking the yet to be explained loans into cognisance?
“We have heard of first of its kind airport, we have heard of the “Ona to le tiroo” from Gbongan to Kwara, we have heard of flyovers in the sky, all laid out to be executed by loans obtained on behalf of born and unborn generations of Osun State. Yet, none of these has been delivered as dividend of the accessed credit facilities, while the state continues to make refunds in billions of naira every month.
“Looking at these inhuman infractions by these APC buccaneers, whom we are all aware, lack the umbilical cord of empathy to refrain from their unclad raping of the state, one would come to realization of seeing nothing as too much as sacrifice just as we saw with stakeholders in other States where it became expedient for PDP as the only rescue alternative.
“We cannot afford to fail our state, we cannot afford to abandon Osun in the hands of acrimonious tricksters, who have failed to prove their acclaimed encyclopedia worth of wealth but instead drilling the state into the lagoon of insolvency. It is our duty to take back our state for the good of our people and in the spirit of posterity. No sacrifice at this time can be too much,” the party chairman added.
Reacting, the APC, in a statement issued from the party’s Directorate of Publicity, Research and Strategy and signed by its Director, Barr Kunle Oyatomi, accused Atidade of unfounded lies and misinforming the people of the state.
“Nothing could be more perilous and disasterous than having a novice and ill-infomed person as a team leader. It is absolutely unfortunate that some PDP leaders in Osun had sold their birthright and that is why they couldn’t manage simple internal crisis and prevent the party from being controlled by a single man – from Ede country home.
“To set the record straight, Osun has witnessed a progressive developmental projects and Socio-economic re-engineering in the last 22months of Oyetola-led APC government, also, this administration alone has constructed more roads than PDP did in Osun for 90 months.
“it is also on record that Governor Oyetola, from the inception of this administration, takes the welfare of workers and retirees a priority to the extent that active workers and pensioners in Osun are being paid as and when due.
“The party therefore urge the citizens of Osun to stand firm and be resolute in their support for the APC led government and disregard the disorganized PDP politicians who are desperate for power at all cost,” APC’s spokesperson said.


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