After fleeing for two days, hoodlum who battered Osun journalist surrenders self to Police

After fleeing for two days, hoodlum who battered Osun journalist surrenders self to Police
By Timothy Agbor, Osogbo
A hoodlum who assaulted a journalist with a branch of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), Gold FM in Ilesa, Osun State, Mr Isaac Haastrup, has surrendered himself to the Police after being on the run for about two days.
Haastrup disclosed this to NEWS BOOM on Thursday. He said the hoodlum, simply identified as ID Idowu, visited the Ayeso Police Division on Thursday afternoon to own up to the assault occasioning harm.
The suspect was said to have pleaded for forgiveness after admitting guilt.
Ilesa Thug
The suspect
Recall that a lawyer to the reporter, Mr Olayinka Sokoya during an interview with NEWS BOOM on Thursday morning, had said the police were on the trail of the man, said to be a commercial motorcyclist in Ilesa.
The feeling okada man at the scene of the attack
The feeling okada man at the scene of the attack
Sokoya disclosed that the Divisional Police Officer of Ayeso Police Division, Ilesa, Mr Martins Bamigboye, had assured that the fleeing hoodlums would be nabbed and brought to justice.
He had stressed that the long arm of the law would catch up with the alleged attacker, simply identified as ID Idowu, a commercial motorcyclist and his accomplices.
Journalist that was attacked by a thug in Ilesa
Isaac Haastrup, the journalist that was attacked by a thug in Ilesa
“This is not just a case of civil assault, it’s an assault occasioning harm. My client (Haastrup) was wounded and his clothe was tore right inside the public. He was subjected to public odium and ridicule and we are going to ensure that the long arm of the law catches up with the attackers. We understand they he (ID Idowu) is on the run but there is no hiding place for the wicked and any criminal.
“We are hoping and believing that the police will do their work and do it very well. We trust in the leadership of the DPO, Ayeso Division, Mr Martins Bamigboye who has directed his men to ensure that the long arm of the law catches up with the criminals. We are still counting on his directive and hope that police will be able to fish him out so that he can be made to face full wrath of the law.
“Nobody is permitted under the law to commit offence and goes away like that. We believe that the police can fish him and his cohorts out and e believe that we will get justice for our client (Haastrup). It’s not that man (ID Idowu) that assaulted Mr Haastrup, there are other people who supported him in the assault against my client and we want police to fish all of them out so that they can be made to dance to the rhythm of the law,” Sokoya had said.
The hoodlum
The face of the hoodlum, ID Idowu that battered the journalist
Haastrup, while on official duty on Tuesday, was beaten up by the hoodlum opposite Social Elite Ilesa at around 1:00pm.
ID Idowu, also known as Chairman by his fellow commercial motorcyclists in the metropolis, reportedly used stone to assault the journalist and also tore his cloth.
It was gathered that ID Idowu has been on the run after the victim reported the matter at the Ayeso A’ Police  Division, Ilesa after the attack.
Haastrup has cried out over his safety because of some threats he received from his attacker. He said, “My life is in danger. The guy (ID Idowu) assaulted and threatened me.
“He (fleeing hoodlum) assaulted me opposite Social Elite Ilesa around 1:00pm of Tuesday, November 23, 2021.
“It was a traffic issue. I indicated to turn to the left side at Glorious Legacy Hotel junction adjacent Social Elite Club, Ilesa and when I checked through my both inner and side mirrors,  I observed that the motorcyclist coming behind me,  was riding at top speed, I decided to maintain the lane only for him to overtake and start hurling curses on me.
“When I tried to make him understand that I indicated to the left before trying to negotiate for a turning, he became violent and opted for a hoe. I blocked the weapon and I struggled to disarm him. Thereafter, his colleagues ( okada riders) came in a dozen and while I was explaining to them what happened, the suspect (ID Idowu) went for my cloth and tore it.
The hoodlum at the police station begging for pardon
The hoodlum at the police station begging for pardon
“He did not stop at that! He picked a stone and started aiming my head but I managed to protect my head which made him resort to hitting other parts of my body with the object.
The hoodlum begging at the station
The hoodlum begging at the police station
“The matter has been reported at the Ayeso A’ Police Division, Ilesa Osun State. All efforts to get the boy arrested as at the time of report was unsuccessful. He is still on the run, knowing the gravity of his offence. Some human right lawyers have picked interest in the case,” Haastrup had narrated.


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