Christmas: PDP sends message of hope to Ndi Enugu amid challenges

Christmas: PDP sends message of hope to Ndi Enugu amid challenges


The leadership of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party in Enugu State has called on the people of the state to remain steadfast and hopeful in the quest of the state government to address remaining challenges confronting them.

Notwithstanding the present problems confronting the state, the party, in a Christmas message issued by the State Chairman of Enugu PDP, Augustine Nnamani, on Saturday, informed the people of the state that the incumbent administration of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has made notable progress in strengthening the foundations of peace, participatory democracy, freedom and poverty reduction.

The statement made available to The Point reads, “Ndi Enugu, the oriental spine, I bring us hope as we once again celebrate the solemn Nativity of the Lord and Saviour of Mankind.

“It Is good news that our dear Coal City state continues to increase in the enjoyment of tranquility and progress within its four comers, and to offer strength and reassurance to all those who love peace throughout her jurisdiction.

“During the past seven years, our party, the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) led administration in Enugu state, have made notable progress in strengthening the foundations of peace, participatory democracy, freedom and poverty reduction.

“We have taken important steps in securing Ndi Enugu against aggression. We have continued our successful support of recovery after global economic downturn. We have returned to massive agro expansion and strengthened our support for improved knowledge production through high quality and innovative education of Enugu children.

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“While great problems still confront us, the greatest danger has receded–the possibility which faced us 2 years ago that most of developing economies might collapse under a biting recession. Today, leveraging on astute economic management of the present administration in our state, we have new vigor and new hope. Thanks too to the workers, artisans and young technocrats that made major readjustments without widespread suffering.

“During the past seven years, our party led administration in Enugu have also made a good progress in providing housing for low-income groups; we have not failed in ensuring that workers are not paid less the approved minimum wages; our party led administration have gone forward with the development of our natural resources; given a greater assurance of stability to the rural dwellers through aggressive road network; and improved the financial base of the state by ensuring that Enugu as an oil producing state is accorded its rightful fiscal benefits.

“Sadly, we are living in a time many would have peace and tranquility thrown aside, morality in personal and public life made meaningless, honesty counted as nativity, politics driven by greed and calumny and self-interest set up in place of self-restraint. But by the grace of God, we stand a peaceful and prosperous state with greater possibilities for the future than any regime ever had before in the history of our state.

“It is easy to hate and destroy but often the destroyers forget that it is difficult to build. To the promoters of insecurity, I pray you to repent and embrace the peace brought to mankind by our savior Jesus Christ.

“I believe in our qualities and in our strength, I believe that together we can set an example to the haters of peace which will encourage the law abiding citizens of our dear state.

“Despite the present low-spirited situation of the country, we will persevere; Despite dissatisfactions, we press on and; Notwithstanding the challenges, we will rise; for in Enugu state our tomorrow is here.

“I urge you to remember the poor, the sick, the disabled, the forgotten and marginalized this season, let them benefit from our charity. It is within our power to make small yet meaningful impacts on the lives of everyone we encounter.

“To the recent affected communities in our state where lives were lost sequel to inter-state border clashes, farmers and herders crisis, may peace reign in your midst. May building replace destroying in the affected communities.

“It is within our capacity to build peaceful communities and to ensure that this season and always, Ndi Enugu feel safe, loved and valued. Let us demonstrate the true meaning of our usonwanne and Christian spirit; giving with love, being good neighbours, and good statesmen.

“As we celebrate this Christmas season, I leave us with Luke 2:14; Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, and good will toward men. I hope that joy of the lord may bring us God’s blessing and all the things we long for.

“And so I wish you all, anyplace you may be, all the fun and satisfaction, and the peace of a very happy Christmas,” Nnamani told the people of Enugu.


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