Drama as Osun reps member, activist lay claims to release of detained #EndSARS protester

Drama as Osun reps member, activist lay claims to release of detained #EndSARS protester
By Ekene Agbor, Osogbo
Bamidele Salam
Bamidele Salam
It was a drama of sort on Wednesday when  a member of the House of Representatives, Mr Bamidele Salam and a human rights activist, Lamina Kamiludeen Omotoyosi disagreed over who secured the release of one of the EndSARS protesters in Osun state, Segun Oyewale.
While Salam, who represents Ede North,South/Egbedero/ Ejigbo Federal Constituency in the lower chamber claimed he secured the release of Oyewale after spending 40 days in the custody, Omotoyosi frowned at the lawmaker’s public announcement and demanded for an apology from Salam.
According to the activist, he and others had been on Oyewale’s case and ensured his release. He said the lawmaker was trying to play politics with the EndSARS protester’s predicament.
News Boom gathered that Oyewale,a native of Arapasowu Compound, Ola, in Ejigbo Local Government Area of Osun was arrested by the Police on 31st of October, 2020, and was held in the Police custody for 10 days before he was arraigned at the Osogbo Magistrate’s Court.
He was subsequently remanded in Ilesa Correctional Centre since November 9, 2020, for being part of the #Endsars protest.
After spending 30 days in the prison, Oyewale was provided with a lawyer who secured his bail at the State High Court in Ikirun which was presided over by Justice Jide Falola.
Comrade Omotoyosi
Comrade Omotoyosi
Salam, in a message he posted on his social media handles on Wednesday evening said Oyewale had been released from the prison through his efforts.
The message reads in full: “I am happy to report that we have been able to secure bail for one of my constituents, a  young man, Segun Oyewale who had been in detention for the past 40 days on account of charges related to the #EndSarsNow protest.
“I am absolutely convinced of Mr Oyewales innocence of the charges brought against him. I am glad that there is some relief for the agonising mother of Segun who is from Ejigbo Local Government of Osun State.
“We will continue to work hard to facilitate access to justice for those we have the privilege of representing here.”
But this post did not go done well with the rights activist who stormed the lawmaker’s Facebook page to protest. He frowned at Salam for crediting to himself the release of Oyewale stressing that he was playing politics with the development.
In a message Omotoyosi posted which he entitled: “Hon Bamidele Salam Should Apologise!,” he demanded to know the role played by the Federal legislator claiming he was one of the people who worked in ensuring the release of Oyewale.
Omotoyosi said to Salam: “What is your role? I love Hon. (Bar.) Bamidele Salam so much for his proactive  in responding to matters arising in his constituency and I pray he continue the more.
“In lieu of the above statement, I want to frown at the post made my by amiable honourable crediting to himself, the release of Comrade Segun that was arrested during the #ENDSARS Protest in Osun.
“Meanwhile, Comrade Segun was arrested and detained at the correctional center on account of murder that happened when looters that hijacked the protest, looted TUNS FARMS and killed the P.A to the Managing Director of TUNS FARMS in Osogbo while there was a trace through WhatsApp.
“I just don’t like when people are playing politics with everything.
“I am one of the forces that worked towards the releasing of Comrade Segun. Other colleagues including in this process are ; Comrade Waheed Saka (MAO) Comrade Kehinde Ayantunji, Comrade Babawale Popoola BabbyJay, Queen Fisayo Valentina Aderemi, Comrade Ayodeji Ologun, Comrade Salahudeen Teslim, NAOSS National president, Comrade Wole Aluta, Comrade Wasiu (Legacy), Comrade Sodiq (Success), Comrade Segun Idowu and many more.
“However, Segun is still at the custody as we just been able to come up with the bail conditions just now as at the time of typing this.
Segun Oyewale
Segun Oyewale
“Hon. Bamidele Salam should not play politics with this #EndSARS protest of a thing.
“He should just give us his contribution(s). This is too bad!
“Oga, please apologise, we are angry,” he concluded.

In his swift response, Salam said he was contacted by Oyewale’s family and friends to intervene and assist in ensuring his release.

“The details of my  role that can be disclosed will be given shortly by my Senior Legislative Aide Akintayo Jimoh who undertook the assignment on my behalf. Meanwhile, I hope you note that I consistently used the pronouns WE throughout the posting. This is to let you know that in a matter of this nature, one can not rule out that some others played a role or the other. The important undisputed FACT is that I was contacted by Seguns family and friends and I took up the matter immediately and followed through. The young boys mother and the counsel  are alive to testify,” Salam said.

Also reacting to the activist’s outburst, Akintayo Jimoh, the lawmaker’s legislative aide, explained that no one filed any application for the bail of Oyewale until Salam asked him to do so.
Jimoh said “I was the one commissioned by Bamidele Salam to ensure everything is done to release Segun oyewale when his mum ran to Bamidele Salam for the release of his son who was remanded at ilesha correctional service.
“I went with Segun’s mum to ilesha and interviewed Segun at the ilesha correctional center to extract information which we used in filing his bail application at High Court, Ikirun.
“None filed any bail  application on behalf of Segun until Bamidele Salam came to his rescue.
” This was after he had spent 10 days at police custody and some days at ilesha correctional centre.
“Ask your fellow comrade Babawale Popoola BabbyJay, he was always calling me to know how far and what I wanted him to do in assisting us.
Salam, Oyewale and Omotoyosi
Salam, Oyewale and Omotoyosi
“When I was leaving for Abuja, we commissioned and mobilised  Yinka Sokoya Esq who worked to ensure that a date is given to hear our bail application filed on behalf of Segun. I took the mum to Yinka Sokoya at Ilesa.
“Today, Bamidele Salam paid for the perfection of the bail and the appearance of the lawyer- Yinka Sokoya today. Who facilitated Segun’s release is not in doubt.
Anyone can call Segun’s mum on 0810 084 9023 to know who did what.”
In thesame vein, another Facebook user had also asked Salam to explain the role he allegedly played in Oyewale’s release as she had allegedly been on his case since he was arrested and remanded.


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