Enugu community cries out to Ugwuanyi as erosion damages bridge, newly constructed road 

Enugu community cries out to Ugwuanyi as erosion damages bridge, newly constructed road
By Timothy Agbor
Residents of Mbu in Isi-Uzo Local Government Area of Enugu State have cried out to the State Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi over the destruction of a newly constructed road at Mbu Agudenu community of the state.
They called on the Governor to urgently attend to the damaged road as it has remained impassable since erosion broke the road into two on September 6, 2021.
A heavy downpour that caused flood in the community collapsed the Okpachi bridge in the area and also washed some part of the road thus crippling usage of the road.
The road had been constructed and commissioned few months ago by the State Government.
Some indigenes of the affected communities have urged the State Government ad other concerned authorities to fix the damaged road and provide necessary drainages to forestall future occurence.
Some of the indigenes who expressed worry at the road destruction on the Mbu Facebook page are Eze James Osita and Nonso Egbuagu. They urged the state government to immediately repair the damaged road and construct drainage system.
Mbu damaged road
The damaged road in Mbu
Osita, who shared the images of the damaged bridge and road, urged other indigenes of Mbu to share as a means of calling the attention of appropriate authorities to the disaster.
Another indigene, Nonso Egbuagu, advised that government should not be rushing to construct and commission poorly constructed projects and added that the affected road lacks drainage.
He wrote, “This is Mbu Road in Isi-Uzo L.G.A of Enugu State and this happened few days ago. It beats my imagination that a praise singer wrote that this is a Federal road too and the appropriate authorities have been alerted. It is very laughable and a pity that most of the roads and bridge constructions we have seen  so far in some parts of our state lack tenacity.
The newly constructed road
The newly constructed road
“I am not against the Government of Enugu state nor the numerous projects the government has executed, the Government is trying, but I must confess that most of these projects are being given to petty construction companies who at the end of the day construct rubbish and call it road or bridge. Even when you approach most of these construction companies, they give excuse that they are working with the available funds released to them.
“From what I have seen here, and what I have even observed from this road earlier before now,  there is not enough drainage system on this road, so tell me, why won’t the bridge collapse. Let us get this straight please, it is not just enough to rush and complete a project, but the tenacity and longevity of that project matters a lot.
Mbu road
The destroyed road
“I will always make references to how the Government of Ebonyi state takes time to give the construction works in the state a commendable attention. Whenever you see construction works in Ebonyi State, u can’t just but be satisfied with the solidity and tenacity they carry. It is not out of place to beg our government to emulate the solid works of Ebonyi state government and make efforts to give us solid roads and bridges.
“Nevertheless, we are calling on the Government of Enugu state to help and attend to this road as soon as possible.
Thanks and God bless Enugu State,” Egbuagu submitted.


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