Epistle of Prince Adegoke Olaniyi Akande to sons, daughters of Igbajo-Iloro on Owa Igbajo stool

Epistle of Prince Adegoke Olaniyi Akande to sons, daughters of Igbajo-Iloro on Owa Igbajo stool
I want to acknowledge the only True and Wise God, the Giver of life, The Custodian of Wisdom for this opportunity once again to express my views on the injustice, dubious, illegal selection and installation of Prince Adegboyega Famodun as the Owa of Igbajo.
This becomes imperative for record purpose, posterity and prosperity of our father’s land, Igbajo-lloro.
Ewere lele! Oke  lere!
Compliment of the season to our Elders who believe in the unity and prosperity of Igbajo-lloro land, the Omo Owas, the Elites, Sons and Daughters of the citadel of the brave. May we witness many more years in peace and harmony in Jesus name.
Please, permit me to begin with the word of God, the ancient book with the most current revelations till tomorrow and the ages to come.
ln the book of John 8:32. The Bible says “and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. The Bible says in Proverbs 14:34. “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people”.
Also in the book of Isaiah 3:10-11, the scriptures says “say yes to the righteous that it shall be well with him, he shall eat the fruit of his labour. Woe unto the wicked, it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him. This means that sorrowfulness is unto any man that promote lies and injustice.
I want us to pay a wrap attention to the accounts of few characters in the Holy Bible who crookedly got to the throne as a King, against the will of God for His people.
“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”. 2 Timothy 3:16.
The word of God is written for our correction, doctrine and reproof in righteousness and not in scheming as recently experienced in Igbajo-lloro.
1. Let’s check the life of Adonijah.1Kings chapter 1 v 1- 53.
Following the old age of King David. “Then Adonijah, the son of Haggith exalted himself, saying, I will be king” 1Kings 1:5. He started parading himself as the King over Israel with the support of unreasonable men that surrounded him. The news began to escalate all over the land of Israel.
As a result of this, few people gathered together to report the case to the King David in the company of Bath-sheba, the mother of Solomon.
To shorten the long story, King David directed Zadok, the priest to anoint Solomon to reign as a King over Israel because it has been pre-determined by God that Solomon will reign after his father, David over the Israelites.
However, when the sound of joy and trumpet went abroad that Solomon has been anointed as a King over Israel, Adonijah and his people got the news  and everyone went his way disappointed and disgraced.
Eventually, Adonijah was put under oath of death and control of the King in order not to misbehave.
The lesson learnt from the above scenario is that no one can receive and enjoy what he has not been given by God. Any conspiracy against the counsel of God always end up in everlasting shame and reproach.
2. Absalom in the book of 2 Samuel chapter 17 and 18. It was accounted that Absalom tried all he could to chase away David from the throne. He assembled his own army by conspiracy against the army of David to the extent that he factually got the whole city to his side against King David.
Consequently, David was so afraid, hence gathered all his soldiers and fled the city.
Absalom enjoyed the support of many people including his father’s counselor called Ahithophel. Absalom waged war against David. In verse 9 of 2 Samuel chapter 18. “And Absalom met the servants of David.  And Absalom rode upon a mule, and the mule went under the thick boughs of a great oak………” Absalom was eventually killed and buried in the valley by the armies of David.
3. Zimri in book of 1Kings 16:15-18. It was recorded that Zimri conspired and also slained the King.
It came to pass when Zimri saw that the city was taken from him, he went in to the palace of the King house and burnt the King’s house over him with fire and died. This happened exactly seven (7)days after he was enthroned as a King.
Considering the above records, let’s be watchful and sensitive. The Rejected Owa of Igbajo was installed on Tuesday 22nd November, 2022 and suspended by the Executive Order number 5 issued on Monday 28th November, 2022 by His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Osun state, Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke.
That was exactly 7 days after his illegal installation. God doesn’t dwell where there is disorderliness and injustice. Please let’s take caution. I am appealing to us, sons and daughters of Igbajo to correct this wrong before it is too late.
4. Let’s come back to the story of King David,  in the book of 1 Samuel 16: 1-13.  David was unpopular among his siblings. He was busy serving the interest of the entire family in the bush, watching over the cattles of his father while the David’s brothers are busy in the city making merry.
At a point, God commanded Prophet Samuel to go to Jesse’s household and anoint one of his sons as the King over Israel after God had rejected King Saul.
In verse 7, ” but God said unto Samuel, look not on his countenance or height of his stature because I have refused him, for the Lord seeth not as man seeth, for man looketh on the outward appearance but the Lord looketh on the heart”.
Eventually, the unpopular David was located by God and anointed as a King to replace King Saul. Remember, God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Be not decieved, God cannot be mocked. By all standards, Gbeleru ruling house is not eligible to produce any candidate for the stool based on the principle of equity, fairness and justice.
Let’s carefully go through the simple analytical expression shown below:
The ancient town of lgbajo is being ruled by two (2) ruling sides. They are:
1. Omo Owa Oke-Ode
2. Omo Owa Odo lloro.
Royal crown
Succession is usually in rotation between the two sides. The last Kabiyesi, HRH Engr. Adeniyi Olufemi Fashade was from  Omo Owa Odo lloro, hence it is the turn of Omo Owa Oke ode to produce the next Owa of Igbajo.
Omo Owa Oke-ode has 9 ruling houses which are further divided into 3 blocs.
They are:
Loye Bloc
Omokan Bloc
Baba Owa Bloc
1. lle loye
2. Ile Aworoosun
3. Ile Onigemo
The two Kings ever produced from Loye Bloc are:
1. Oba Adegbola
2. Oba Adejinle
The reigns of these Obas were undated and  their dates and period could not be confirmed.
4. lle Omokan
5. Ile Adu
6. Ile Gbeleru.
This Gbeleru house has produced Famodun 1 in 1822 to 1892 and Famodun ll in 1957 to 1988.
Other Obas produced from Omokan Bloc are:
Oba Adeniyi – undated (King No. 7)
Oba Gbeleru – undated ( King No.9)
Oba Folaseke –  undated ( King No. 11)
Oba Omokan – undated (King No. 13)
Oba Obadudu – undated ( King No. 17)
Oba Famodun l – 1822-1892 ( King No. 23)
Oba Famodun II – 1957 – 1988 ( King No. 28).
This bloc produced the last King from Omo Owa Oke – Ode, which was Oba  Famodun II, who reigned till 1988.
7. lle Baba Owa
8. lle Lowamosi
9. lle Oyiigi/Fagite
This bloc produced 2 Obas before Famodun II in quick succession as a compensation for misfortune. The misfortune was that Oba Awodola reigned for only 3 years, the whole town including the 2 royal sides agreed to compensate the family by permitting the son, Oba Ajeigbe to succeed him.
Some Kings produced by this bloc include:
Oba Oranyan – undated (King No.3)
Oba Ojikutu – undated (King No.5)
Oba Orisatusin – undated (King No.19)
Oba Ajila – undated (King No.21)
Oba Awodola – 1910 to 1913 (King No.25)
Oba Ajeigbe 1913 – 1924 (King No.26)
So, normally to ensure fairness and equity, Ile Loye Bloc should be allowed to produce the next Owa of Igbajo.
Number of the Kings that have ever reigned in Owa Oke Ode were 15 and in the following ratios.
Loye Bloc: 2
Baba Owa Bloc: 6
Omokan Bloc: 7
That is ratio 2:6:7. Considering this ratio, it is totally unfair and injustice to loye Bloc not to produce the next Owa of Igbajo.
This was affirmed in the meeting of Omo Owa Oke-Ode held in lle loye on 26th December, 2020 shortly after the demise of HRH, Engr. Olufemi Adeniyi Fashade, the entire Omo lle decided that it is the turn of Ile Loye ruling house/Bloc to produce the next Owa of Igbajo more so qualified princes are available now.
This was also reaffirmed in our subsequent meeting held on 26th December, 2021. The two meetings’ minutes are available for verification.
We think we should not undermine the collateral damage this action may likely cause the traditional institution in Igbajoland where a single family will be scheming to produce 3rd generation of Kings in quick succession, to the detriment of 8 other ruling houses.
Using political position and privilege to distort age long history thereby giving a wrong information to mislead the  powers that be,  leading to assenting a candidate that had not been nominated in fairness and traditional norms will be an aberration and condemnable.
ln conclusion, Bible says in Proverbs 14:12 and 16:25 “there is a way which seemeth right unto a man,
But the end thereof are the ways of death.
I want to admonish our Elders especially the Omo Owas and the Elites in our community to please follow the path of equity, justice and fairness in selecting a candidate that will be generally accepted by sons and daughters of Igbajo-lloro.
More importantly, let’s allow God to choose for us so that it can be well with us in Igbajo-lloro land.
God has vowed to bring unprecedented economic, social and physical development to Igbajo, the kind we have never witnessed before now if we can allow His counsel to come to play.
Thank you all for reading.
God bless Loye, Oke Odo ruling house.
God bless Igbajo-lloro land.
God bless Boluwaduro East  LCDA.
God bless Osun state.
God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Prince Adegoke Olaniyi Akande
For Loye, Oke Odo Ruling house,


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