Glitz, glamour, panache at Osogbo Catholics’ Galilee Day 

Glitz, glamour, panache at Osogbo Catholics’ Galilee Day 

By Timothy Agbor, Osogbo

It was all shades of glitz, glamour, panache at Galilee Day Celebration of the Catholics in Osogbo.

The Catholic faithful gathered at the field of St Mary’s Catholic Church, Ayetoro, on Easter Monday, pray and celebrate the Ressurection of Jesus Christ.

The Galilee celebration is a gathering of Christians in fulfilment of Jesus’ command to His disciples to meet Him at the Galilee (Matt 28:7, 10; Mark 14:28; Mark 16:9) after His Ressurection. 

It was also an opportunity for believers to display love to one another by sharing food and other items with others in celebration of the risen Christ.

The well attended celebration started with the Holy Mass and thanksgiving by various parishes in Osogbo. The second phase of the Galilee Day was filled with fun, excitement and high-powered entertainment through varying presentations by youths.

In time immemorial, Easter has always been a major ceremony for Christians across the world. The celebration, which spans about three days, terminates on Monday, known as Easter Monday, which is usually like the grand finale of the entire celebration. On that day, many people, especially children, look forward to merrymaking and fun.

Bishop John Oyejola

For Catholics, the day was mainly for going to ‘Galilee’. According to these believers, they were at ‘Galilee’, not only because Jesus commanded his disciples to meet Him there on the third day after he arose from the dead on Friday, but also because of the enormous fun that characterised the gathering.

Before the fun started unraveling, Catholic priests in Osogbo, capital of Osun State had celebrated a Holy Mass.

Delivering his homily, Rev Anthony Olaoluwa called on Catholics to emulate the love that the risen Christ displayed.

At the second session of the programme, parishioners who had brought food and drinks started eating and sharing with one another in love.

There were different presentations by the youths of the Church to entertain people and also minister to them.


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