How Ilobu community concocted lies, distorted facts over our rightful land – Ifon community

How Ilobu community concocted lies, distorted facts over our rightful land – Ifon community
The Secretary of Ifon Progressive Union Board of Trustees, Prince Jide Akinyooye has punctured the alleged lies and distortion of facts by Ilobu community over ownership of boundary land located at Opapa village which falls in-between Ilobu and Ifon-Osun towns, both in Irepodun local government and Orolu local government areas of Osun State respectively.
The two communities have been laying claims to ownership of the land in question and had severally exchanged altercations and called themselves unprintable names before heading to the court of law to address the issue.
Recently, the Ifon community through one of its High Chiefs, Eesa of Ifon-Osun and Akinyooye, claimed that the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Taoreed Abiodun Lagbaja was inciting a communal crisis over the visitation of a retired military personnel received by Olobu of Ilobu.
At a press conference, the High Chief accused the army of planning to hijack their community’s parcels of land in connivance with the Ilobu community.
Though the army had denied the accusation which it described as untrue.
However, responding to the claims of Ilobu over the land, Akinyooye, a prince in the town, in a statement he entitled: “Pot of Lies and Distortion of Facts by Ilobu Community? Omo-Orolu There is No Shaking At All,” said it was a blatant falsehood that Olobu allocated land to Ifon community.
The full text read, “I  am seriously worried and feel greatly disturbed because of the way I am receiving unending telephone calls about recent distortion of facts by Otun Jagun of Ilobu in his representative capacity on behalf of Ilobu community. Therefore, I have decided to share clarification as fact-checks in relation to the referred distortion of facts by ignorant minds and mischievous personalities in Ilobu community.
Searchlights On Lies By Ilobu Community
This is call for reminder that the incumbent Olobu of Ilobu; Oba Ashiru Olatoye Olaniyan happened to be the first among all 16 traditional rulers that was elevated from Baale to Obaship status in Ilobu history…  since Olufon allocated land to them. Precisely, all Olobus have always been installed as BAALE including the present one. It was on Saturday, 13th December, 1986 that late Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III (The Iku Babayeye Alaafin of Oyo) performed TRADITIONAL WEARING OF BEADED CROWN CEREMONY for him in Ilobu. I personally witnessed the ceremony when Olobu wore the beaded crown as stated. The question is how would a Baale like Olobu allocate land that is larger than entire Ilobu and Erin to Olufon that has been a Permanent Member of Oyo State Council of Obas since the period of old Oyo State?
Besides, we have copy of Intelligence Report by Assistant District Officer that documented that Olobu is a son of Olufon daughter and settled on Olufons land. In same vein, we are in possession of various Certified True Copies of Extract from Minutes of Ibadan Native Administration Inner Council Meeting in 1940 when my great grandfather (HRM Oba Alayeluwa Bankeesa Akinyooye) was the Olufon of Ifon-Orolu Kingdom. It was revealed that Olufon has ever been traditionally recognized as the Landlord of Ilobu.
Interestingly, Kabiesi Ashiru Olatoye Olaniyan also admitted same fact during Irepodun / Orolu Traditional Council Meeting on 2nd March, 2005 during the reign of late Oba Alayeluwa Olatoye Ilufoye Orisatoyinbo II (The Olufon of Ifon-Orolu Kingdom & President of Irepodun / Orolu Traditional Council). All these documents are available because they are public records. To cap it all, Ilobu Community cannot even claim supremacy over Oba Olokanla of Irepodun Local Government because Olufon allocated land to Okanla before the arrival of Olobu.
Ifon Osun
This is NOT DEBATABLE in anyway. There is no doubt that Olufon of Sepeteri in Oyo State, Olufon of Ifon in Ose Local Government area of Ondo State, Alie of Ilie in Olorunda Local Government area of Osun all migrated from Ifon-Orolu and Ifon-Orolu Kingdom is the source and traditional home of all of Aremo-Obatala Descendants.
We are in possession of Certified True Copy of Intelligence Report of Owoh Division that was documented in 1935 during the reign of late Oba Alayeluwa Bankeesa Atanda Akinyooye. Some of these documents are available for confirmation and made available to our people in Ifon-Ondo during the reign of late Oba Israel Adeusi, (The Olufon of Ifon-Omima, Ondo State). Interestingly, our highly respected Oba Ashiru Olatoye Olaniyan witnessed the Orolu Re-Union Activities with the people of Ifon-Ondo; where the fact was openly established. We have copies of pictures of Oba Ashiru Olaniyan & Late Oba Alayeluwa Olatoye Ilufoye Orisatoyinbo II, The Olufon of Ifon-Orolu Kingdom, which were taken during the Re-Union Ceremonies.
This is baseless. Olufon actually allocated part of land meant for the people of Afin’s Compound, Ifon to Elerin. Importantly, Elerin of Erin-Osun came directly from Erinle in Kwara State. They are recognized and identified with royalty from time immemorial.
This is the most disappointing altercation by Ilobu Community! There are ONLY two instances that Olufon was in The Supreme Court of Nigeria in relation to land matters with troublesome Ilobu Community and Olobu of Ilobu and the judgement in the two instances were in favor of Olufon and Ifon people.
 THE 1ST SITUATION; The Supreme Court Judgement of 1968: SALAWU OYELADE; The Olufon of Ifon On Behalf of the Chiefs & Ifon People Vs. 1. SANUSI ARAOYE; The Olobu of Ilobu On Behalf of The Chiefs & Ilobu People; 2. The Attorney General of Western Nigeria* This is a popular case that is well known to every graduate from Nigeria Law School and a some law researchers like me. I wonder how people can be so mischievous to extent of claiming ignorance to such a crucial and interesting case like it that was reported in Nigeria Law Report……  The fact of the matter was that late Oba Alayeluwa Salawu Oyelade (Then Olufon of Ifon-Orolu Kingdom) engaged the legal services of Chief F. R. A. Williams and appealed to The Supreme Court of Nigeria after an unfavorable outcome over land boundaries dispute. The Ifon people actually lost the case (Suit # HOS/29/64) at the High Court of Western Nigeria. Eventually, Olufon and Ifon people won the case  at The Supreme Court of Nigeria in 1968 at Lagos and cost of 26 Guineas was awarded against Olobu and Ilobu people.
 THE 2ND SITUATION @ THE SUPREME OF NIGERIA ON BOUNDARY DISPUTE, ABUJA IN 1996. The Ilobu Community represented by Chief SALAMI ADESHINA raised an Order of Prohibition directed against the Oyo State Commissioner of Boundaries Settlement and YESUFU OLADIPO AKINYOOYE (My Grandfather) on behalf of Ifon Community. The Order restrained the 1st respondent (The Oyo State Commissioner for Boundaries Settlement) from entertaining the aforesaid boundary dispute on the ground that his jurisdiction had been ousted by the judgements in Suits Nos. HOY/20/70 and FCA/1/19/68 between the same parties and on the same subject matter.
 The case was filed in 1990 and The Supreme Court of Nigeria in Abuja under the Lordship of Justices Yekinni Olayiwola Adio and four other Justices of Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Respondents (i.e. THE OYO STATE COMMISSIONER FOR BOUNDARIES SETTLEMENT and YESUFU OLADIPO AKINYOOYE on Behalf of Ifon Community. Also, the Supreme Court awarded a cost of N1,000 against  Ilobu Community. The copy of the referred judgement is in public domain for confirmation. I could recall that late Oba Olatoye Ilufoye Orisatoyinbo II published the same judgement as advertorial after the ruling on Tuesday, 16th April, 1996.
The fact is that Osun State Government during the APC administration led by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola (Former Governor of Osun State); the administration made an administrative error and caused confusion through *State Legal Notice No. 9 of 2014 published in Osun State of Nigeria Gazette No. 1 Vol. 24 dated 13/10/2014*. THE GAZETTE CEDED SOME MAJOR PART OF OLUFONS LAND TO IREPODUN (Olobu & Elerin) WITHOUT PROPER CONSENT OF OLUFON AND IFON COMMUNITY.
The unfair decision was challenged at the High Court of Osun State in  Suit NO:HOS/40/15. Olufon and Ifon were not satisfied with the judgement and an Appeal was filed by Olufon and Orolu Local Government at the Court of Appeal in Akure. The suit number is CA/AK/168/19 and the matter is still pending now. We are anticipating that victory will come and the unfair Gazette of the Osun State Government will be quashed by the grace of Almighty God.
CONCLUSION: I hope these analyses will make some members of the public to understand facts from fiction. Omo- Orolu, there is no shaking…. Olorun Ko Ni Duro Sehin Alabosi.
 Orolu A Gbe Gbogbo Wa Ooo; Aaaseeeeeee.
Prince Jide Akinyooye;
 Secretary; IPU Board Of Trustees


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  1. Thank you prince Jide Akinyooye for this meaningful clarification with evidences , May God bless orolu kingdom.

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