Independence: Why Nigerians should stop agitating for break-up – Osun speaker

Ekene Agbor, Osogbo
The Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly, Hon. Timothy Owoeye has appealed to Nigerians to desist from calling for the division of the country.
Owoeye said the security and economic challenges that Nigeria is battling with are not enough reasons for the country to be labeled as failure.
Though, the Speaker admitted that the development witnessed in the country is not commensurate with the 60 years of Independence, he asked Nigerians to desist for seeking for separation of the country.
He charged Nigerians to be committed to the sustainability of one indivisible Nigeria.
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The Speaker in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Kunle Alabi to commemorate the Diamond jubilee anniversary of Nigeria said all hands must be on deck to save the country from the brink of failure.
Owoeye held that he is a firm believer of one indivisible country, saying irrespective of predictions that the country is failed, Nigeria will bounce back to her rightful position.
He stated that assuming without conceeding that the economic development of the country is not progressing steadily, and violent conflicts are not resolved promptly, it is not enough for the country to be labeled as failed.
He also condemned in strong terms the secessionist tendencies being promoted by some few disgruntled Nigerians, cautioning those calling for break-up of the country to have a re-think and jettison such negative thought.
He said, “It is true that the development and growth of the country is not commensurate with the age 60 that Nigeria has attained, no individual will be happy to have a child who can not adequately provide for herself at the age of 60, but that will not mean that the end of such child has come.
“I will urge us all to believe in a strong indivisible Nigeria no matter what the country is going through, Nigeria will survive, we should keep hope alive.
“The problems facing our country are not insurmountable, we must all have faith in the wellness of a one Nigeria, we must continue to make meaningful contributions to our national growth and development.
“I want to use this ocassion of Independence to call on us to stop using negative words on the country. Those fanning the ember of discord and calling for the disintegration of the country should have a rethink, that kind of thought will do the country no good”.
Owoeye called on well meaningful citizens to reject acts or idea that may amount to secession as Nigeria celebrates her 60th Independence anniversary.


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