NSF 2022: Like Other States, Osun Should Also Reward Medalists

NSF 2022: Like Other States, Osun Should Also Reward Medalists

By Oluwaseun Omolola

The 2022 National Sports Festival has come and gone but the excellent performance of Osun Athletes will forever linger in our hearts.

Many of Osun Athletes were seen representing other states of the federation at the just concluded National Sports Festival where they won many medals for those states. If they all had represented Osun State, Osun would have been comfortably seated in the first ten on the medals table.

Many of these athletes as gathered by Oluwaseun Omolola left Osun State for others states due to lack of rewards for Medalists.


National Sports Festival
National Sports Festival

Some States of the federation reward Medalists with as much as One Million Naira for each gold medal won, Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira for each Silver medal won and Five Hundred Thousand Naira for each Bronze Medal won. Meaning if an athlete wins 5 gold medals for the state, he coasts home 5 Million Naira.

Osun State has always neglected her athletes when it comes to rewards for medals won.

In Delta, Osun State won 4 gold medals, 12 silver medals and 13 bronze medals, totaling to an unprecedented 29 medals hull for the state. A feat that dwarfed the 8 medals won in Edo two years ago.


National Sports Festival

To sustain these feat of Medal hull and to keep our athletes in the state, we are calling on the sports loving Governor of the state, Senator Ademola Adeleke to host and reward all the athletes who made the state proud in Delta State.

It can only get better for Osun State.


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