Osun 30th Anniversary emblem: Lead designer reveals rationale behind concept

Osun 30th Anniversary emblem: Lead designer reveals rationale behind concept
A team of graphics designers, under the auspices of “Palms Academy”, has revealed the notion behind the promotion of an emblem to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Osun State.
The emblem, with a slogan “Creating milestones, Creating a prosperous future.” went viral on different social media platforms on Friday.
 According to the art team, the emblem symbolises landmarks achievements of Osun State since the last 30 years the state was created from the old Oyo State.
The lead designer, Abdulafeez Winjobi,  said the team decided to celebrate the 30th anniversary and propagate laudable achievements of the government as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a private firm operating in the state.
Winjobi added that the initiative was not sponsored by government or any of its agencies as erroneously believed in some quarters.
According to him, every individual in Osun State must believe in her greatness and showcase it to the rest of the world with pride.
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“Citizens have the power to change and showcase the inherent potentials of their state and make it a global brand. Osun state is blessed with rich culture, mineral resources and attractive places for tourists, which we must continue to flaunt as individuals.
“Figure 3 and 0 in the emblem represent milestones of growth in three decades and a replica of balance in culture & livelihoods, respectively.
“The slogan in the frame created for the citizens – Emi ni, imole gbogbo adulawo – meaning ” We are the light of Africa” was taken from the last line of Osun State anthem.
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“We are preordained as a leader and we shall live up to the last line of the anthem as the light of Africa,” he added.
Other members of the team, Abdur-Rauf Tawfeeq, Abdulbasit Tiamiyu and Kamaldeen Yusuf.
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