Osun poll: Muse Peace Foundation takes ‘Vote Not Fight’ advocacy to stakeholders

Osun poll: Muse Peace Foundation takes
‘Vote Not Fight’ advocacy to stakeholders
As Osun citizens go to the poll on Saturday, a Non-governmental organisation, Muse Peace Foundation, has taken its peace advocacy strides across the state by organising an electoral peace campaign in Osogbo, the state capital.
Muse volunteers advocating peace to a a motorist in Osogbo
Muse volunteers advocating peace to a motorist in Osogbo
The advocacy which was held on Monday, July 11, 2022 had the presence of concerned youths and active citizens from every nook and cranny of the state.
The advocacy campaign started at the popular Akindeko market where market women and men were sensitised about the need to cast their vote rightly and more importantly, to peacefully conduct themselves as the election is not a do-or-die affair.
A volunteer, Bright displaying a campaign placard
From the market, the campaign train moved towards Ola Iya Junction as placards and posters with different inscriptions such as “Vote Not Fight”, “Election No Be War” among others were displayed along the way by the volunteers.
The popular Osun Mall was the rendezvous point for the campaign which was strategically chosen to woo young people who often use the place for social activities and gatherings.
Abdicating for peaceful election
Abdicating for peaceful election
During the one-on-one advocacy, the volunteers engaged the audience, unearthing their electoral intentions and debunking misconceptions about electoral violence to replace it with the ideals of democracy which hinges on peace and orderliness.
The audiences were urged to keep the peaceful culture and vote for the candidate of their choice. During the discourse, the citizens were made to understand that selling their votes would not only result in penury but harm the coming generation.
The Executive Director of the Foundation, Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon while addressing the youths at the mall encouraged them to shun violence, fights, and any form of electoral crisis and should avoid being used as thugs for election disruption.
He said, “Voting is the expression of commitment to developing our existence, hence, a need to depart from violence.”
Olajuwon ended on the note that, “Peace is everyone’s responsibility and must be embraced in its entirety in a democratic setting like ours.”
“As a non-profit making organization saddled with the goal of peace-building and promotion of social inclusion of people of all ages, cultures, and races, the Muse Peace Foundation ‘Vote Not Fight Electoral Peace Campaign’ is a movement toward ensuring not only a peaceful environment but also the promotion of true democracy and holistic development.
“It was a great opportunity to make an impact on the electoral perspective of hundreds of Osun State indigenes as they vowed to shun any form of electoral violence which may occur at the polling booths,” Olajuwon said.
A trader displaying a placard at Alekuwodo market
A trader displaying a placard at Alekuwodo market


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