‘Stop parading yourself as Oba, you remain sacked’, Igbajo royal families tell Famodun 

‘Stop parading yourself as Oba, you remain sacked’, Igbajo royal families tell Famodun
Some ruling houses in Igbajo community, Boluwaduro Local Government Area of Osun State, have staged a peaceful protest against Prince Adegboyega Famodun for allegedly parading himself as the Owa of Igbajo despite that he has been ordered to step aside by the state governor, Ademola Adeleke.
The aggrieved ruling houses including Loye Oke Odo, Aworoosun, Nigemo, Omokan, Baba Owa all of the Owa Oke Ode side  among others and Omo Owa odo-lloro led by Chief Logunode of Igbajoland from Agbojuomi’s compound stormed the Igbajo palace yesterday, in protest, saying that the town has no king and that Famodun should comply with the Governor’s Executive Order and stop accessing the palace nor moving about as the Owa of Igbajo.
While carrying placards bearing different inscriptions pointing to alleged illegality and lack of due process in the selection of Famodun, the protesting royal families urged Governor Adeleke to promptly release the White Paper on the committee set up to resolve Chieftaincy Crisis in the state, saying the delay in the release of the White Paper was already causing tension in the town.
The governor had ordered that the new monarchs of Igbajo, Iree and Ikirun communities should vacate their palaces pending the review and determination of their status by government.
Some of the inscriptions on the placards displayed by protesters read, “Igbajo People Do Not Want Famodun as Owa of Igbajo,” “The Selection of Adegboyega Famodun to the Throne of Owa of Igbajo Did Not Follow Due Process,” “Famodun, Stop Parading Yourself as Owa of Igbajo,” “Igbajo Says No To Imposition of Famodun”, “Emergence of Famodun was a Fraud/Scam,” “Prince Famodun, You Are not Above The Law, Stop Parading Yourself as Oba,”  Stop holding llegal Owa in Council meeting every Monday among others.
Igbajo royal families protest
Igbajo royal families protest
Many of the protesters who spoke called on Governor Adeleke to save the town from crisis and make the White Paper public.
One of them, Prince Adeyinka Adereni from Omokan ruling bloc said, “We have no king in Igbajo. We are still awaiting the Governor’s White Paper. We don’t want anyone to disturb the peace we enjoy in Igbajo. Prince Famodun cannot be above the law and so, he should stop parading himself as Owa of Igbajo.”
In the same vein, Prince Adewumi Makinde from Nigemo’s compound said, “The committee that supposed to scrutinize the contestants are yet to finish up their work and submit report to us before Famodun was illegally imposed on Igbajo people. The Famodun ruling family had been king for two times and now they want to illegally impose Gboyega Famodun on us because of his political influence as the former chairman of All Progressive Congress (APC) in Osun state. No one can turn the stool of Owa to their family right. We the Omo Owa of Oke-Ode are still expecting the White Paper on the committee set up by Governor Ademola Adeleke and anyone parading himself as king should desist. We have no king in Igbajo.
“We have not had any traditional ruler in Igbajo and we want the government of Ademola Adeleke to intervene quickly and save Igbajo town from crisis. We don’t want problem. That is why we refuse to take law into our hands and  we have been patient. Those who are trespassing the palace and coaxing people to come and pay homage to him should desist.”
Meanwhile, rising from a meeting held at Akodi Omo Owa, at Loye’s compound, Igbajo, which was attended by elders, youths, women from within and outside the town, the aggrieved ruling houses debunked the fake news that Governor Adeleke retained Prince Famodun as Owa of Igbajo.
A communique issued at the end of the meeting held on Sunday 7th May, 2023 and jointly signed by Prince Adewumi Makinde, Prince Adeyinka Adereni and Prince Gbenga Ajakaye on behalf of the entire Omo Owa Oke, read, “The process that produced Famodun was not transparent because the Omo Owa Oke Ode is yet to receive report from the screening committee set up to shortlist the qualified candidates for the stool. How come will Famodun now emerge as our King?
We unanimously condemn the entire process.
“A strong warning was also issued to few and shameless supporters of lllegality and haters of the truth in Igbajoland to stop their lies and intimidation against the people that stand for the truth in the community. For instance, one Mr. Ige Oyewole was bragging that Governor Adeleke doesn’t have right to issue an Executive order against Famodun. Therefore, Famodun is not bound to obey such order.
“We are waiting for the White Paper from the Osun State Government that will uphold the principle of equity, justice and fairness. The stool of Owa is not an exclusive right of Famodun family. At the end of the meeting, we unanimously agreed that we don’t have an Oba in Igbajo and that Famodun should stop parading himself as the Owa of Igbajo in the interest of peaceful coexistence of our people in the community,” the communique further read.


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