Students of OAU, other varsities demand reversal of fee increments, threaten showdown

Students of OAU, other varsities demand reversal of fee increments, threaten showdown
The Nigeria Association of University Students, Osun State chapter, has demanded the reversal of the increased tuition fees, threatening to shut down the campuses in the state if the hike is not reversed.
They also demanded closure of school fees payment portals until their demands are met.
The association, in its press release on Monday, said the increments of school fees has made some students to withdraw from school and become wanderers on the street.
The chairman of the association, Comrade Popoola Olayinka, gave a strong warning to other universities who are also planning to increase their tuition fees to refrain and look elsewhere to source for funds to manage the institutions.
In his words, Olayinka said, “The policies have put our parents under severe burden and a state of helplessness.“
The association also promised to visit top security officers in the state to have discussions on the security needs of the students.
During the press conference held at the Nigeria Union of Journalists Correspondents’ Chapel, Osogbo, Olayinka disclosed that the school fee hike came to him as great shock wondering how the management of OAU approved the increment of fees payable by the students from N19,500 to N190,000.
He said, “It is highly insensitive and demeaning for a higher institution to wake up one morning and increase her fees from 19,500 to 190,000 . This is totally careless and inconsiderate on the part of this management.
“This is a note of warning to other universities and universities’ affiliates within the state, who are already planning to increase their fees, to further crush education in Nigeria, to think twice and source for funds elsewhere to meet their needs. Education is our right not a privilege!” Olayinka declared.
Speaking in the same vein, the president of OAU Student’s Union, Abbas Akinremi Ojo, while addressing a press conference on campus, said, “The management should make it a duty to reverse the increment in school fees. All financial institutions, remita, especially, should ignore and suspend any payment from OAU pending the time the union will write them; otherwise, their branches in Ife and OAU campus will be shut down.
“The congress agreed that the university management be given a 5-day ultimatum to engage the leadership of the union; afterward, we will hit the streets and shut down activities on campus and the entire country if the ultimatum is not met.”
Ojo noted that inadequate funding has limited access to quality education, hindered academic resources, and already created many financial burdens for students and their families.
“As education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of our youth, the lack of resources and investment in this sector profoundly impacts their overall development. From dilapidated school infrastructures to insufficient teaching materials and outdated curriculums, students are deprived of a quality education that could empower them to reach their full potential.
“This perpetuates a cycle of inequality, as those from less privileged backgrounds are further marginalized, hindering their chances of upward social mobility. We must address this issue and alleviate the burden on these families,” he stated.


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