Ugwuanyi’s successor: ‘Keeping the Records Straight’ By Ike Ona

Ugwuanyi’s successor: ‘Keeping the Records Straight’ By Ike Ona
My attention has been drawn to a mendacious report in a pigeonholed spurious Blog known as GMT News by a cheap and castrated pinchpenny masquerading as Onzike Orji. The said apostle of Babel maliciously claimed that Hon. Augustine Nnamani, the State Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Enugu State  while addressing some Stakeholders from Nkanu East Local Government  Area that visited him in his Enugu residence,  said that  if he was to make his choice on which local government area the next governor of Enugu State would come from, he would choose Nkanu East Local Government Area. This is after the serial distorter had already stated in his preamble that Hon. Nnamani, in his address to the visitors, maintained that it is the leader of the party in the State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Uguwanyi, the incumbent Governor of Enugu State in conjunction with the party (PDP family) that would determine the Flagbearer of the party in the forthcoming Gubernatorial election in 2023.
As one of the persons present at the meeting, I make bold to say that there was never a time Hon. Augustine Nnamani made such disingenuous statement. Hon. Nnamani spasmodically during the interaction with the visitors from Nkanu East that it is not within his powers as the State chairman of the ruling party in the State to pronounce which area the successor of the incumbent governor would emerge from, but that such scope is the responsibility of the leader of the party in the State (The incumbent Governor) and Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) family.
Thus, such fabrication saturated with weeping fallacies, is obviously misleading and aims only to discredit the decent image of Hon. Augustine Nnamani and plant seeds of discord between the State czar of the party, the State Party Leader and other members of Peoples Democratic Party family in the state, while attempting to create unnecessary phrenzy within the ranks of stakeholders in Enugu East Senatorial district.
My attention is also drawn to plans by mischief makers to use these lies driven by hatred, politics of bitterness and Pull-Him -Down Syndrome encourage spiteful campaign of calumny against the person of Hon. Augustine Nnamani.
This allegation is wholly false, Hon. Nnamani never made such statement as falsely alleged by a veiled desperate group of covetous recreants, enemies of progress and turncoats.
In keeping the records straight, I wish to let the people know that Hon. Nnamani only welcomed the visitors and clearly made it known to them after they presented their intention of visiting him that whoever would succeed the incumbent governor or the Local Government Area the person would come from is beyond his powers.
Thus, this orchestrated plot to pitch the State Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party which is also a ploy to cause disaffection in the party and possibly plot a change in the leadership of the party is a flicker that would do no one any good. It is amazing that the stakeholders from Nkanu East Local Government Area whose names were boldly inked in that malicious report prepared from a dunghill and who are boldly seen in the pictures affixed in that fabricated report have not publicly through any of the censored media rebutted or distanced themselves from such perforated thread devoid of decency.
I urge these peddlers of falsehood and Sowers of seeds of friction and image tarnishing to have a re-think because the life of man has repeatedly proved that illusions are tempting. Mankind has repetitively been swayed and crippled into silliness, by surfs of illusions, erroneously taken as truth, by some misinformed.
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May I also remind these discord merchandizers that this dangerous mindset of character assassination, which has encouraged mischief makers to license impunity, as well as its terrible effects, are all testaments to the dangers of celebrating illusions as reality in any politico social milieu.
Their voyage into the den of illusions such as this, will only reward their enterprise with destruction of the unity and love currently being enjoyed in the coal city, courtesy of our peace-loving governor.
These agents of hatred and disorder need to be told that they are   gadfly and gateways to destruction of cohesion in a peaceful state. By this unholy allegation against Hon. Augustine Nnamani, they have committed a crime against truth; a cosmic affront to ethical enterprise. Quickly they forgot that their hypocrisies are paths to torpor, instead of being a social lubricant, which makes our coexistence smooth and cordial.
But I must make it known to this fluid pipe of blackmail, that the fluids that mingled to create this wicked plan were already haunted by the defiant silence and pregnant inaction of the good people of Enugu State staring defiantly into their eyes and the eyes of their Drum beaters. It is of a truth that Hon. Augustine Nnamani will never be part of any agenda that will bring disaffection or bitterness amongst the happy and peace loving members of Peoples Democratic Party family.
Obviously, accursed is that community of humans, where truth-tellers are done to death because they are unpalatable and generate maximum inconvenience for tattlers of deception and character assassination. Let the elders mentioned in that spurious report speak up…
Ike Ona
PDP Fan Club
Enugu State


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