Two Baales, one Chief suspended for allegedly promoting disharmony in Gbongan


A traditional ruler in Osun State, Oba Adetoyese Oyeniyi, Odugbemi I, Olufi of Gbongan, has officially announced the indefinite suspension of three of the chiefs who occupy different positions within the Gbongan Chieftaincy hierarchy.

The declaration was made during a press briefing at his palace in Gbongan, the headquarters of Ayedaade Local Government Area of Osun State.

Other chiefs and citizens of the town were in attendance.

The suspended chiefs were accused of offences including gross misconduct, selfish amassing of wealth, disloyalty, actions capable of dividing the town and insubordination to the monarch among others.

The suspended individuals were identified as Minor Chief Kazeem Adekunle Afolabi, Onpetu of Gbongan; Baale Rufai Lawal of Olubula Community, Gbongan; and Baale Samson Oyegunle Odekunmi of Sewe Community Gbongan.

According to the statement by the monarch, “The decision to suspend Chief Kazeem Adekunle Afolabi, Onpetu of Gbongan, stemmed from his blatant insubordination and disregard for the esteemed office of the Olufi of Gbongan and the entire chieftaincy institution.

“His divisive actions, aimed at destabilizing the unity of Gbongan, and his attempt to distort traditional council chieftaincy procedures, were reasons for his suspension. Additionally, his failure to attend mandatory fortnight meetings since 2019 further compounded his misconduct.

Olufi of Gbongan
Olufi of Gbongan

“Baale Rufai Lawal of Olubula Community faced suspension due to his flagrant disregard for the established rulership of the community. His appropriation of wealth and benefits to himself, neglecting entitled stakeholders, and his support for actions aimed at dismembering Gbongan, were deemed as actions detrimental to the community’s harmony.

“Similarly, Baale Samson Oyegunle Odekunmi of Sewe Community faced suspension for his gross abuse of power and divisive actions. His conduct was described as incompatible with the traditional responsibilities expected of a Baale, posing a threat to the peaceful coexistence of the Sewe Community and Gbongan at large.”

Oba Oyeniyi emphasized the importance of publicizing the suspensions to ensure that all citizens, both at home and in the diaspora, are aware of the actions of the affected chiefs.

He condemned their efforts of allegedly undermining the progress and unity of Gbongan, reaffirming the town’s commitment to growth and development.

“My advice to the residents is to remain focused. We should continue with the peace we have been enjoying,” Oba Oyeniyi said.

Corroborating the monarch’s claims, a Chief in the town, Saka Kola Owopade, addressed the public, expressing concern over the actions of the suspended Onpetu of Gbongan.

He said, “We have a minor chief, the Onpetu of Gbongan, who has chosen to agitate for a crown that is not rightfully his, aligning himself with the Onpetu of Ijero in Ogbomoso. Due to this action, they have been suspended. We want the whole world to know of their suspension.”

Another stakeholder in Gbongan, High Chief Olabamiji Adisa also expressed disappointment in certain individuals within the chieftaincy hierarchy.

Gbongan palace
Gbongan palace

He said, “It is regrettable that certain individuals within our chieftaincy hierarchy have chosen to pursue personal interests over the well-being of our community. We stand united in upholding the values of our tradition and ensuring that justice prevails.”

Efforts to get the reactions of the suspended chiefs were not successful as at the time of filing this report.


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